A Historical Overview of Czech Pilsner

30 Dec

Have you heard about the world-renowned Czech beer? What are the reasons of its fame and popularity around the world? Read on to know more about his beer and tips on how to find the right places to drink it.

Unveiling the Czech Republic’s Beer Culture

Did you know that Czechs have their own etiquette for beers? Yes, they do and this is because they take this alcoholic beverage seriously, they have created an etiquette for it and you will know it further in here.

An Overview of the Czech Beer’s Drinking Etiquette

If you want to try drinking Czech beer, you should drink it using beer coaster. The pub waiters will be glad if you do because you will also be helping them ensure the cleanliness of the table clean and the pub as well. You should also look the other person’s eyes while toasting the beer prior to drinking. They also say “cau,” which means “hey,” when toasting beer. However, they prefer that beer drinkers should mention “na zdravi,” that means “to health” in English, when drinking this particular beverage.

Studies show that Czech beer is categorized according to degrees and they used Balling scale in measuring the dissolved solids, particularly sugars, in brewery wort. This means that if the beer has higher degree, then the stronger flavour and sweetness it possesses.  Know about golem of prague here!

History books show that the country’s first pilsner beer dated back during the 19th century in Plzen city. In here, brewers discovered the bottom-fermenting yeast that has the ability in producing more drinkable golden beer as compared to that of the strong top fermented ales during that time. The first brewery that produced its first pilsner beer in 1842 and because of its popularity, majority of Czech breweries didn’t produce other alcoholic beverages until recently.

There are lots of tourists and travellers who are surprised that the beer they’ve ordered has lots of foam. Some felt cheated upon receiving it but they later realized that it is part of the country’s tradition in drinking beer. In fact, the more foam your beer has, the more flavourful and tasty it is. Be sure to check out this website at https://www.dictionary.com/browse/religious for more info about religion.

Tips in Places to Drink Czech Beer

Prior to travelling to Prague to try their famous Czech beer, it is advised that you do deep research first to know the places that are visited by beer drinkers and travellers. You can do it by asking those who have visited Czech Republic and have tried drinking the Czech beer. Or, you can use the Internet to find the pubs and bars that offer the best beers in the country. Be sure to read more here!

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